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by Dave Yoho

Why are some people and businesses more successful than others? What are the simple principles that enabled Wal-Mart to become the world’s largest retailer? How did Lee Iacocca take a virtually bankrupt Chrysler Corporation and turn it into an industrial success?

Dave Yoho analyzes the often complex world of business and then reduces it to simple methods that anyone can use. Learn why corporations and entrepreneurs value the EPOD Theory as a roadmap to becoming more successful.

There are stories of ordinary people who used a 4 step plan to build successful lives and organizations. Discover how you can measure and develop your own abilities to mirror these success stories.

At the heart of this book is the EPOD Theory, a simple four-step plan which can be adapted by almost anyone irrespective of their educational background or experience. Have a Great Year Every Year shows you how to can develop:

  • ENERGY--Surefire tips to increase your energy level
  • PERSUASIVENESS--Master the art of persuasion and motivation
  • OPTIMISIM-- A positive attitude will get positive results
  • DISCIPLINE--Channel your energy and talents for maximum performance
These methods, coupled with the simple 21-day application principles given by the author, enable individuals at almost any stage of life to Have a Great Year Every Year!

Be a more effective leader.

Get consistent productivity and loyalty from employees and associates.

Become and stay more competitive and profitable.

Develop, then follow an effective long range plan and model for your business or personal life

Maintain an optimistic, positive outlook.

Improve interpersonal skills.

Achieve more positive outcomes from your communications.


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